Too Old, Too Hard to Love? The Moms Left Behind

After they’re rescued, their babies long adopted, these girls remain. In a busy household, they are the least squeaky wheels; they hide in the shadows while the others – younger, friendlier – come and go to new homes.

These moms have had it rough, and they deserve a loving home, too. Some rescues will trap, neuter, and release these girls after they have done their nursing jobs. We just can’t do that. With the right amount of attention and care, these ladies all have love to share, lives to enrich.

Cats thrive in environments with low expectations. That sounds a little ridiculous, but consider: a dog is an immediate, loving, super friend (on the whole). Cats do things on their terms, not because they’re jerks (although some are!), but because they have survived as a species with a healthy mistrust of humans. The longer they are in the wild, the more mistrustful they get. It takes a person with patience, someone who can make a connection with them on their terms, when that human has demonstrated trustworthiness, to break through and earn their love.

Please consider sharing this group of lovely, loving girls with your committed cat people. These ladies have had enough drama and misery in their lives and need quiet, stability, kindness. Even here at the rescue, we have problems providing it. We do try.

These felines would do best in a small group setting, or alone. Senior citizens, with time AND wisdom would be ideal partners, as a quiet, stable, nonjudgmental home is what is required for these precious flowers to bloom.

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