Ivy and her big brother Tomita were born in the Appin colony and, although they lived among people, they were entirely feral before we brought them in, with Tomi at 4 months, Ivy at 5 months of age.

In addition to their maladies – eye infections, worms, fleas, malnourishment – they were unable to be handled by humans. Indoors, they were climbing to the ceilings of their rooms, scaling curtains and blinds and, in one unmemorable instance, escaping into the duct work for almost 6 weeks.

It has been a long haul for them, but here we are two years later; they are now sweet and loving, well socialized, and domesticated. While we do believe that in some instances the Trap Neuter Return method of keeping cats safer is the only alternative, more often than not, care and patience are what is required to successfully redomesticate strays and ferals.

In bringing these siblings to the domesticated world, their life expectancy will be 3 to 5 times longer than if they were left outdoors, on the fringe. As for their quality of life? There is no comparison.

Ivy and Tomi have gone through a lot and we are hoping that they will find a home together. Tomi is the playful boy, Ivy the sweet, cuddly girl. While perfectly behaved indoors, their wild beginnings make them gravitate towards the outdoors to play and explore, but a little nip in the air or a spot of rain has them running back for the comfort of the couch. They would be best suited to country living, but are adaptable.
Are you the person to give them a loving, together home?

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