FIRSTLY, So many people to thank for their amazing support!  Just a few of our benefactors:

WOW! very sizeable financial contributions have come from: Gary and Jackie (Springfield Angels), Dr. Karen (read her book!),Dennis and Janis (Mt. B), Rika and Oliver (our neighbours!), Ian (nala’n’will’s pa), Ivan PewRosalie (our long distance friend), Dennis MPatty and Joe (brydges cat saviours), Ann Marie (brydges colony), the fine patrons of Mount Brydges Royal Canadian Legion Branch 251the multi-talented Charlie M, and brother Rick, not to mention our first monthly donor, brother Joe.

So many others who have contributed money, supplies, food, litter, and more: Lynn (the evil one), Highgatin’ Jimbrother Danny, sister Annie, sweet Shelby, Andrea M, Dale and Ollie, our other neighbours David and Jason – the Dachshund Rescue guys!, Carl “Woody”, Michelle and Irish, David and Anne (fellow Appinites!), Tammy, Shawn, Steve M, Bill and Buddy (and Sandi!), Tobi M and family, Brittney, Faith!  The generosity you’ve shown these feline friends means more than the dollars they represent. We are forever humbled by your generosity.

A special thank you to Lori and Cathie, and Heather and Michael, and Ron and Patricia who have taken on the job of fostering colonies in their own neighbourhoods, giving our guys a second chance.  It takes special people, and that you are.

So many stories to tell, and we will get to them eventually!  For now, let’s maybe find you or a loved one a friend – CURRENT ADOPTIONS

Would you like to foster a feline or a family?  Would you like to donate to the cause?

contact us!