As time passes and our rescues grow up, their personalities really start to shine; we get more and more attached, and it gets harder to let them go.  Lou is just such a boy.

While we do provide a nurturing environment, the individual personalities that make these little beasts unique is the ineffable magic that animal lovers unfailingly fall for. In our caring home, Lou has blossomed into a fine young man.

He loves attention, either playing or laying for pets, and has a curious, but oh-so-gentle nature that he punctuates with soft mews; a real whispering conversationalist.  He loves to have his tummy rubbed, and has a sweet disposition that suggests a future lap cat – but he’s still working out his mischievous streak!  Along with his brothers, Extra, Ben, and Bobby, Lou is a real darling.

If you’re looking for a sweet companion, look no further! Contact us for more information!