Terry is a sweet little girl who was born approximately April 1st in Glencoe, with siblings Ricky, Stevie, and Lindsey. She was born outdoors and spent her formative first weeks in a woodpile, a true little beast. Many thanks to Michelle, David, and Jimmy for finding and rescuing this girl and her siblings.  

At the beginning of her time with us, she and her siblings received less attention than we would normally give, but an active season and some extraordinary circumstances spread our attention thin. Luckily for her and the rest of the litter, they were naturally predisposed to have excellent temperaments. Along with her bonded sister, Ricky, she is as sweet as you could want, seeking out humans to interact with (pets, please!) and forward with her desire for treats and attention. She has silky soft fur, a delicate frame, striking markings (what a moustachio!), and a people-pleasing nature. Either solo or with her bookend sister, you cannot find a more well-adjusted companion to share your life with.

Adoption application available here.