Hello, my loves… I figured that this was the simplest way to do this. I still have a few items here that belonged to your grandma, grandpa, gg. They don’t really have any $$ value, but I am sure that they have some sort of sentimental value. If you are interested in any of this stuff at all, just let me know, and I will hang onto it for you. If no one is interested, I will donate it.

Take Care, Love you!

GRANDPA’S CARVINGS – these are what is left over from whatever we didn’t distribute previously. There are some cool little things in here, but some of the stuff is damaged, too. I think that all the pieces are there, and I have pictures of all this stuff in its undamaged form. They all need some TLC to get back to where they were. This is a good project for someone who might be into doing that someday. Your grandfather was a total amateur, but he did have talent and spent many hours doing this stuff.

GRANDPA’S LEATHER JACKET – it’s actually quite soft, but could use some refurbishment. Not at all damaged, but could use some mink oil or whatever.

GRANDMA (left) AND GG (right) silverware (flatware) collection. GG’s stuff is not complete, I don’t think. Grandma’s collection is complete, and in good condition – if you like to eat with gold utensils yikes!

DOUBLE BED FRAME – an absolute nightmare of bad memories for me, but I do believe that I was conceived on this bed. It is still structurally sound, and I am sure maybe your parents were even conceived here. Oh, and the story about the footrail! Ask your parents.

CHINA COLLECTION – I actually think that this is still in immaculate condition and complete. Service for at least 8, includes gold rims on plates. A full set, and I think there are also full sets of a couple kinds of crystal glassware.

If Aunt Anne wants any of this stuff, she will get first choice, as I am unsure that she was ever offered any of this stuff. Yell if you have any more questions!