About Us

Appin is a village in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Barely a blink on a busy connector thoroughfare, it has no commerce to speak of, but is a collection of quaint homes, with young families and retirees.

A unique combination of friendly neighbours, many rural farms nearby, and a propensity for strangers to drop unwanted animals in our community has given rise to a heartbreakingly high mortality rate of animals – and especially homeless cats – on the main thoroughfare.

The kindness of neighbours feeding the strays has given rise to a growing population that needs to be addressed – cared for and homed to keep all our pets and animals safe.

The funds raised by this project are used for the veterinary costs associated with the spay/neuter and, ideally, the overall health of these animals as we try to make them optimally adoptable.

My wife and I have been actively involved in the care and well-being of strays for 25+ years, having rescued, placed, and homed over 20 strays, some of whom still reside with us. Some of the kittens and cats we rescue are feral and need extended rehabilitation, which we provide from our own resources, with contributions from people just like you. Our main concern is the health of these felines, and we don’t mind investing our time and money in finding them loving homes.

Stephen Tomasi  and Alexandra Velagic

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