Our Latest Happenings

Hiya! If you haven’t been around in awhile, you won’t notice any changes, but we have switched things up; we have removed the discussion board, as it didn’t get any use, and have taken the registry off our navigational tabs, but you can still access it here. Additionally, our about us page has been relegated to our newest section, the archives.

This has been a hopeful and heartbreaking year so far, as we are sure it has been for many. For us and the rescue, it has meant the trapping of a number of feral cats, the birth of a litter, the loss of newborns, the death of our cat, Sunny, the crippling grief his pal Lil Blackie suffered in the aftermath, the further proliferation of the colony, hours of socialization and rehabilitation, many surgical procedures, a good number of our babes finding their homes and humans, sadly and suddenly bringing our old friend Spencer cat to his final resting place, the rescue of dumped kittens, and bottle feedings every three hours. So many things, with such a range of highs and lows – it can get exhausting.

Do know that we endure, even if we don’t update this dang thing near often enough. Our hands and arms get more scarred, our hearts get softer and softer, and we understand more and more of our feline friends with each new friend we make. We thank you for following us, for supporting what we do – we endeavour to continue. 

And because there is so much misinformation out there, it bears reposting:

Stay strong, keep healthy, be safe. And, as always, love on your cat!