The lovely Michelle was trapped on the same day as her mom, Lucinda. Michelle was pregnant at her trapping, and a few days later she began miscarrying her litter. She delivered 4 kittens by c-section, but her perilous mental and physical condition did not allow her to nurse them. Even Lucinda, also actively nursing, would not nurse them. Two of her kittens survived, withstanding the dangers of bottle feedings.

Since her rescue, much more shy than feral, she has been a constant companion to her mother. Together, they are alone.

With all the action and hullabaloo of multiple litters of kittens, single rescues, and the existing rescue’s brood, Michelle and Lucinda have not received the attention they need to blossom into domesticity. Her one sin: being brought into the rescue during the busiest time of year.

As with the other former queens, Michelle deserves a life of love and needs the right person, with loads of patience, and maybe a little bit of experience, to become her full, true self. Are you the right person? Adoption application available here.

Michelle and her mom, Lucinda.