Our continued efforts to end the suffering and neglect of the stray and feral population in our community now includes advocating for change – at local, provincial, and federal levels. We are good at cleaning litterboxes, but we’re just starting to learn how we can affect a change in our political systems to bring about lasting improvements to the lives of the forgotten and ignored.


Our wishlist contains many items we use on a regular basis, as well as one-off items that are on our “to get” list. If you have a prime account, this is a great way to contribute!


Of course, here is our latest Facebook fundraiser:


If you would like to donate to our foray into legal advocacy for changes to current feline welfare laws, we have a GoFundMe page specifically for this purpose:

For general donations to offset food and litter costs, or to contribute to the spay and neuter initiative, we accept e-transfers to (they don’t charge a processing fee)! Please specify in your message how you would like your donation to be used if you have a preference.

Much love and many thanks!