Lucinda has been on the fray for such a long time, she is a tough cookie. She has been with us since May and remains resolutely unfriendly, but from her surveillance footage, we see a sweet, loving happy girl who needs the right person to bring out the best in her.

This Glencoe girl’s last litter was four feral kittens who are all fantastically sweet, playful, and friendly. The property owner is convinced that this girl had a home and that they left her behind when they moved out of their apartment. What once was tame now has problems trusting. How could you blame her?

She is a gorgeous girl, and needs just the right home. Calm, quiet, safe, and loving will bring this girl out of her shell. In the four months that she has been with us, she has not allowed us to pet her and, very sad indeed, her best picture to date has been at her capture.

Please consider giving this girl a chance; she deserves it, and if you have the kind of patience she will require, so do you. Adoption application available here.