Young Bobby has been raised by two moms, has 9 siblings, and has been mauled by humans incessantly.

Bobby was born May 24, 2019, and has lived with us and his brothers, sisters, and extended family since his birth. He is sweet and gentle and seeks out human companionship, shy at first, but social with people and other cats after getting used to them.

His personality is still revealing itself to us even now, as each time the family dynamic changes due to adoption or other circumstances, another facet of his character is shown. He is active, but not hyper, and prefers to spend his time watching his humans rather than sit in their laps.

He is a vocal boy, and often converses with his human counterparts, although we aren’t exactly sure what he’s trying to tell us. His generally positive disposition is a pleasure. Although he lives in a vibrant, active household, the atmosphere is peaceful and harmonious, where he has blossomed into a well-adjusted, well-behaved gentleman.

If you’re looking for a sweet, good-natured soul, Bobby is the boy for you. Contact us or submit a completed adoption application if you are interested in adopting him.