The Appin colony has, unfortunately, been thriving, and Dolly and Daisy were trapped there within a couple of days of one another in April, 2020. Dolly ended up in a live trap with her presumed brother, Rex, spending a night together in that cramped and dirty space. 🙁

When we trapped Daisy a couple of days later, it certainly seemed that she might be from the same litter as Rex and Dolly. After all three were spayed/neutered, dewormed, deflea-ed, and vaccinated, they ended up in the same rehabilitation area, a converted bedroom in our home. At that point, not only did their looks give them away as being sisters, so did their behaviour; they certainly had missed one another and loved on each other so ferociously that there was no doubt – we had reunited close sisters.

Our friend Rex turned out to be quite friendly and didn’t stay with us long, adopted within six weeks. The girls, however, turned out to be quite feral and although not at all aggressive, they were extremely timid and would cower from human touch.

Over the next few months, the girls became used to the regular comings, goings, and noises of a human and cat household. Still exceedingly furtive, they began getting visits from other feline family members . Having become comfortable with the other cats they now live amongst, their body language infers a strong desire to be petted and social with humans, but this still hasn’t happened yet.

Each domestication is unique, and we learn something new from each feline teacher. The girls, who unfailingly look to each other on how to react to each situation, have been given freedom of late to explore the household in increasingly longer intervals. Dolly, the dominant one, will often venture quickly and further than Daisy is comfortable with, causing Daisy to call plaintively for her sister to return; if it weren’t so cute, it would break hearts.

Here we stand, with two girls on the brink of that loving, forever life. In a few more months, they will be “part of the ship, part of the crew” and their feral days will only be memories. It might be premature for us to list them for adoption, as generally, we like them to be completely domesticated before finding them their homes. In this case, however, it is just a matter of time, and who are we to deny a loving, experienced cat lover the chance to bring them into domesticity?

These girls need to stay together; there is no doubt that, and after the trauma that has been their short lives (they might be just about 1 year old), they have earned the chance to find their home together. Like many who come under our care, their story has been rocky, and they deserve the happy ending, beautiful princesses that they are.

Please, if you are the person who can give them that good life, and if you are ready to get the kind of love and gratitude that will most assuredly come with the responsibility, drop us a line. Your girls are waiting for you!