Extra was born in our home on May 17, 2019, and has 9 brothers and sisters and two moms. He is a polydactyl cat, having extra toes on his front paws (sometimes known as Hemingway cats, named after the famous writer who loved them and collected them). They say that poly cats are smarter than average (Extra thinks so, we do, too). He is quite dextrous with the mitts he does have.

Extra is neat, clean, and well-behaved (a perfect roommate), is full of energy, and is bright, inquisitive, and very loving. He gets along with other cats, and is a bit cautious of strangers, but warms up when he gets to know his people, often talking in a soft, high voice. He gets along well with other cats.

Extra has been adopted twice, but circumstances have caused him to still be with us. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that you are reading this. Do you?  🙂 Contact us or complete an adoption application if you’re interested in sharing your home and life with X.