Goldy and Girlie

Goldy and Girlie have shared everything, from birth onwards.  When they showed up at Heather and Mike’s place, they were inseparable, and inseparable they remain.  They always showed up to visit and eat as a pair, and when Girlie was eventually trapped, she was a lost soul.  Luckily, Goldy was captured the very next day and their reunion was nothing short of ecstatic.  It was almost a month later before Girlie gave birth, and Goldy acted as her midwife.  Exactly one week later, Girlie returned the favour, almost coaching Goldy during labour.  They both had 5 kittens and interchangeably nursed and mothered them without prejudice.  

When it was time to get spayed, the staff at Mount Brydges Animal Clinic sensed their connection and allowed them to share a single berth to recuperate.  These two are undeniably connected and, as a result, we are advocating for them being adopted together, waiving the second adoption fee for the successful applicant.

It’s almost impossible (being a cat lover) to not use the word “sweet” when describing our babes, but these two most assuredly deserve the description.  They are sleek and dainty and, having been feral from birth to approximately 8 months old, timid but surprisingly mild-mannered.  They have formed a strong bond with each other, as they have with their human foster family.  It will be extra hard seeing them go; they will make someone/some family extremely happy. If you’ve got the love, consider adopting them!