Greta was born on South Street in Glencoe in early April, 2021. South Street is home to a large colony of strays and ferals, and this girl made it out just in time. Already close to 8 weeks when she was trapped, her foster family had the love that brought her into domestication. Luckily for Greta, they had patience with her, and somewhere in her genetics, a sweet, good-natured personality helped make her the doll that she has become.

Foster family Steve, Josée, Caleb, Gabe, and Sam have done a wonderful job caring for her and indoctrinating her into blissful domestic life. A true rescue, this, Josée describes our little girl as “timid, chatty & a bit of a diva.” She is currently living in harmony with her sibling, Ollie, and the family’s two cats, Minion and Andie, and Dunford the dog. She is now available for adoption; application available here.