Hello, Friends! We try not to fill up your feed with repetitive postings and pleadings; we appreciate that you follow our progress and chip in when you can. For all you have done to support us, we thank you. We do have news!

In the last month, we have rescued 4, which quickly turned into 8. Tiny little kittens born to a feral mom, and poor little ones languishing malnourished in our colony are now in our care. All beautiful and heartbreaking in their own way. We have a selection of adoptable cats, and more coming soon! We will be asking for donations in the coming days, and seeking families to give homes to our little charges. We have poured our love and care into their well-being, and it will be hard to let them go, but we do have more work to do. The truth is, it would be selfish to keep these gorgeous ones to ourselves. Full disclosure: you’d better hope we don’t win the lottery.

You haven’t heard from us in a bit – the real world calls us. While we do what we can to keep our supporters informed, the real work of that world takes precedence; here is where we do a bit of bragging – there is where we need to be. Forgive us our absence, and thank you for your patience.