Natural Pairs!

Among the many incorrect myths about cats is probably the most-obviously false belief that cats are solitary creatures.
While we often see single cats, even at the fringe of our society, away from people, cats form colonies. Hmmmm. So much for that theory.
Many of the requests that we receive for adoptions are not primarily for a companion for human family members, but for companions for other cats and dogs – family members who might be looking for a kindred spirit.
When finding the right fit for our babies, we often recommend that no-pet households try two pets. This might seem like a sneaky way to find homes for multiple friends in one go – and maybe it is a bit – but ultimately, our care and concern is for the health and happiness of the whole family. It’s not that we want to “get rid” of our cats, it’s that we want them to go to homes where they are happy.
Through experience, we have found many cats that form natural groups or pairs; rarely do we find a true loner. Tomita and Ivy are brother and sister and they certainly have an affinity for one another!
So… if you have ever considered adopting, but didn’t think it was fair to keep a pet because you are too busy or not home enough, we’ve found your solution. It’s a pretty simple one, and it could give a couple of lost little souls a lovely life. And yes, Tomita and Ivy are available for adoption!