So Many Stories…

Katharine and Spencer

Our friend Katharine wasn’t sure she was ready.  Her daughter, Lori, an avid Appin Cats Project foster mom, had tried to find just the right companion for mom after the passing of Katharine’s beloved Oliver.  Nobody could replace him, and it would be pointless to try. 

Spencer wasn’t sure he was ready.  After years of living outdoors, we didn’t know whether or not he would thrive in an indoor setting, but he was getting up there in years, and it was time to retire.  Could he make the adjustment?

There is always the thought that “replacing” our loved companions is a disservice to their memories, but it’s impossible to replace the irreplaceable.  After a respectful amount of time, it becomes important to honour the ones that we have loved, and there is no better way than opening our homes and hearts to those who need care.

This story needs no further telling; the pictures say it all.  Like the legendary Hollywood screen couple Hepburn and Tracy, the chemistry between these two is obvious, and in a very short time, they have become the best of friends and companions. 

Every story the Appin Cats Project encounters allows us to learn something, to reinforce what we know to be true, or completely confound what we thought to be impossible.  Katharine and Spencer’s story is indeed one for the ages, showing us that there is always room for kindness.  True friendship knows no age and makes no judgment – it simply is. 

We are ecstatic to share the story of this perfect match with our friends.  Stories like this make the work worthwhile.