Marigold is a Melbourne boy, brought in after hanging around town for an extended period of time by a concerned local resident he regularly visited. After beginning the vetting process, it was discovered that Marigold has the FIV virus, so this family was unable to keep him. While there is no cure at present, studies have shown that a majority of these cats have perfectly healthy, long lives if cared for properly. Information on what an FIV+ caregiver can expect is outlined by researchers at Cornell University. You can read it here.

It is thought that Mari is just over one year old. His hard path to rescue has not affected his good nature and sunny disposition. While he is still getting used to being an indoor cat, he is settling in nicely, and is a perfect gentleman in terms of his behaviour. He is neat, quiet, and very friendly. We are not sure how he is with other animals, but it is recommended that he be the only pet in the household, keeping him safe from others’ sicknesses and them from the unlikely but possible chance that he might infect others with FIV.

Our gentle soul Marigold does have special needs, but he has much to offer and would make a perfect companion for the right person or family. Interested? Contact us