For your extreme edification, gratification, and pleasure – we are ecstatic to introduce Martin!

When he showed up in our garage a couple of months back, he looked okay, but he was in rough shape under a bunch of matted fur. He obviously wanted help badly enough that he passed by our eight very territorial inside/outside cats for refuge with us. He wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t come looking for us.

Our boy is afflicted with FIV, like another one of our charges. Here is some pretty knowledgeable information on this disease. It is a challenge, but not a death sentence, and anyone with a heart understands that if we are to choose our companions based on their possible future illnesses, everyone ends up alone.   

When we brought him in, we wondered if we should just have him spot shaved to get rid of the mats – the fur is there for a reason, and is important in their temperature control and comfort. Eventually, our clinic helped us decide and gave him a swanky cut. The lion cut he received saved his life, as the infections that were taking over his body were nowhere near the healing wound sites. Our wonderful Vet Tech Keira said that he was so scarred from being attacked by other cats, it looked like his entire body had stretch marks.

He is in tip top health after vaccinations, neutering, a couple of drains to remove some serious infection, and lots of loving and foooooodddd!!  His constitution is strong, as he has avoided a couple of bouts of upper respiratory infection while bunking with his dozen or so housemates. This is a very encouraging sign in regards to his future health.  

Martin is calm, sweet, friendly, playful, and well-adjusted. His approximate age is three years, and he gets along well with people (and kids!), and other cats. As long as there are no major conflicts with others, he can live amongst other cats. When his coat is grown out, he is a long-hair and loves being brushed. He has shown no aggression in the two months he has been with us, getting along well with the many felines that he currently resides with. For his own health and safety, he needs to be an exclusively indoor cat. The main concern for him is staying healthy and away from others’ sickness.

As with all those in our care who go to new homes, our policy is always the right home for the right babe. If your adoption is not as advertised or promised, or you feel that it isn’t a good fit, we unreservedly allow our babes to be returned to us. So far, not a single one has.

If you think Martin would thrive sharing a home and life with you, contact us for more details.