One Door Closes

We are energized and very happy to announce the next stage in the Appin Cats Project’s long-term commitment to the neglected cat population in our area – Our Safe Haven (OSHO).

After 27 months of working on eliminating our village colony and finding them loving homes, we just celebrated our 30th adoption! Kittens, cats, seniors, domestics, and ferals have been given new chances at good lives, and we have done our best to answer questions and find solutions for those who we cannot directly help.

At this time, we have done all we can effectively. While we can carry on this way indefinitely, it’s time to close the door on this way of rescue. As that door closes, another beautiful door opens…

What’s Different Now?

The kindness of a nearby neighbour has provided us with a sanctuary from the elements for the winter. To repeat: A SAFE HAVEN FOR OUR STRAYS AND FERALS! This is a huge and amazing opportunity for us to move on from simply grabbing the babes we can accommodate, leaving the others to get sicker, weaker, while simultaneously ballooning the colony’s population.

We have been “treading water” these last 2+ years, as more litters are born to the ferals that we are feeding. In this way, we are contributing to the problem, and it is time to stop the cycle; we have a solution.

While not a perfect answer, Our Safe Haven plans to incorporate traditional rescue (capture, heal, nurture, home) with TNR (trap, neuter, release) to create a TNTR environment (Trap Neuter Temporary Release) where we can ensure as many souls as possible benefit from the chance to have a safe and cared-for life. By stopping new litters from being born, and curbing their tendency to wander, we hope to create shelter and sanctuary for them to stay out of the elements, find a non-competitive social circle, have a safe and clean food source, and know the security of what a good home feels like.

Our goal is to ultimately bring in all the felines in this colony and to rehabilitate them, but this takes time. It’s not out of the ordinary for us to take 6 months before even getting enough trust from a feral to be able to pet them. While some in the rescue community would consider this a waste of precious resources, the results are undeniable. Feral cats that have been rehabilitated to domestic have become, in our view, some of the sweetest, most caring souls, grateful for their chance to be cared for and loved and, in return, give love and affection.

The release of vaccinated and spayed/neutered ferals will be temporary; as we gain the space and resources, it is our intention to do for them what we have done for all the others that we have brought into our care, helping them realize their sweet side and finding them homes.

This is a big undertaking, and we cannot do it alone. From our experience, this is a rare approach, and we do expect there to be bumps. If you would like to support us monetarily, we would be more than grateful. There are other options as well: donate supplies, food and litter, or maybe your time or talent if you live nearby. Interested in learning how to rehabilitate a feral cat, fostering, or adopting? We love you. We offer full support and mentoring to fosters and adopters who might be eager to help but are unsure of their capabilities.

The first step, past raising funds for this venture, is to do some repairs on the building we intend to use. It has seen some hard years, so it will need to be cleaned and emptied (with the junk removed), and repaired. In particular, it is missing most of its roof. We don’t need it to be pretty, we just need it to be weathertight and safe. If you know of anyone who might contribute to this aspect of the project, please contact us directly.

Our Safe Haven is, at this point, just an idea, but we wouldn’t even be in this position without the support that you have given us these last two years. It is because of your kindness and encouragement that we are able to help the felines who so desperately need our help. We have multiple options available should you like to make a dollar donation (including e-transfer, which doesn’t charge a processing fee!)

Stay tuned as we try to get this well underway before the snow flies. We will be providing regular updates, so check back here often, sign up for email notifications, or follow us on our Facebook page.

Much love from us and the cats! Next stop: Our Safe Haven!