Appin Cats PreAdoption Program

The Appin Cats Project is a small rescue organization located in the village of Appin, Ontario. Unlike other rescue organizations, we conduct the majority of our rescue rehabilitation from our home and, as a result, we sometimes have to find alternate methods of getting loving felines into loving homes.

Most rescue organizations will spay/neuter and vaccinate at 2 months of age or 2 lbs, but because of the way that we choose to vet our cats, this is not a viable option for us. For the development and long-term health of these babes, our veterinarians, esteemed Drs. Jamey and Dorothee Osmond at Mount Brydges Animal Clinic, along with their fellow veterinarians and top-notch staff, perform spay and neuter procedures after the age of 6 months, when the kitten has sufficiently matured and developed.

In order for people to be able to adopt our younger kittens, we have developed the PreAdoption Program. Kittens are available after they have been weaned from their mother (approximately two months) and successful applicants take possession of their adoptive kitten at that time.

The adoption fee collected ensures that you end up with a spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea-treated, and microchipped kitten. In order to keep our costs down, and to save resources for our veterinarian, we schedule one to three visits for your adopted feline (depending on its age at adoption). You will be consulted ahead of time for these appointments, and you will NOT be required to pay any more than your original adoption fee; after your little one is spayed or neutered, the veterinarian is given updated adoption information, and at that point your adoption is complete, and you will receive regular reminders from the vet for vaccinations and health checks.

To be clear:

** a successful PreAdoption means that you take possession of your new family member while still a kitten.

** after your PreAdoption, you will be consulted for convenient appointments – up to 3 in total – to have kitten vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. You will be required to bring your feline to the Mount Brydges Animal Clinic for these appointments.

** all communication and scheduling is coordinated through the Appin Cats Project. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to us. Contacting the Animal Clinic before the final appointment is strongly discouraged.

** there are no exceptions or substitutions to these conditions. The extra work that PreAdoption creates for us is for the benefit of our adoptive families and our kittens. We ask that you respect these conditions to ensure a successful adoption.

TO NOTE: We believe that the only successful adoption comes spayed or neutered. Since we have rescued these babes from unfortunate situations and overcrowded circumstances, we are resolved to stop the population from continuing to explode. Our experience has shown us that even the best intentions come up short sometimes, and as a result, before our charges leave our care we require that they are fixed – we make an exception and rely on your integrity to make sure that this happens. As long as this method works, we will continue to use it, bringing healthy and happy creatures to you for long, healthy, happy lives together. If you think that this method of adoption will work for you, fill out an adoption application. If this seems excessive, we do understand and will help you find a rescue organization that can provide what you need. Contact us for more information.