Cat Registry

Add your cat to the registry!  Email us with a picture and any details you would like to include.

*PLEASE NOTE: This registry exists for the purposes of identifying cats with homes who may wander away from time to time so that they can be helped home, identifying strays and feral cats who may need our care, and, of course, for bragging purposes!  Since there are no bylaws pertaining to cats in Southwest Middlesex, finding owners – either original or new – can be difficult with no support system.  If only they could talk!

Under no circumstances is this list being compiled for purposes other than these and your participation is gratefully appreciated but in no way required.  If you feel that this is an invasion of your privacy. please contact us – perhaps you have a better idea to keep our pets safe.

We dare Appin dog owners to submit their pets’ pictures!  Exclusive club for cats only?  Nope!